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January 21, 2016








Problems with your technology? Is your company’s internal network slower than molasses running uphill in December? Is your server slow, or some network functions no longer working? Need someone to help you with hosting questions? Does your home computer, or old laptop take forever to boot up and wondering if you really need a new system? Your current IT provider not calling you back, but you need help like yesterday?

We have a ton of technology solutions to offer, what’s driving you crazy?

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Maintenance programs can prevent costly repairs…

We’ve been performing maintenance and repair for over 20 years to networks large and small. We’ve read/seen all kinds tips, tweaks, configurations and settings, so you can trust us to keep ALL of your systems running smooth for years to come. This in turn will help to maximize your return on the hardware investment running your business. Most times businesses simply need a maintenance schedule to keep their systems running tip-top. Digital Davinci offers several plan offerings. From the large corporate network with proprietary, multi site environments, to the family computer in the home environment, we are here for you.

FACT: Users sitting at their workstations for 8 hours a day without a regular maintenance schedule will end up having many more viruses/malware, productivity, hardware and privacy issues.

We’ve got the solution with a custom maintenance plan for your business & your home. Ask us how we can speed up your computing world by getting a free system review, ‘SRAS’ today and keep you running for years to come.